From film photography to digital photography - technology has changed in leaps and bounds but the basics of photography still exist, as does the story-telling nature of the art.  My love for being behind the camera centres around a want to tell the stories and show how I see the world through the lens.  Applied to landscape photography, to portraiture, and all the way through to real estate photography, it is this love of showing my interpretation of the world that keeps me coming back for more.


What started as a hobby with point-and-shoot film cameras, built into a passion with the purchase of a DSLR and a 4wd, allowing me to not only travel this beautiful country, but to also bring back images to share with many from near and far.  What started as a passion has now become my day-to-day livelihood, with the beginning of OnPatrol Photography.  When people are asked how their day is, some answer with the catchphrase “I’m living the dream” - I am literally living a dream of mine, being able to apply my love of photography to many scenarios, and to be able to show my rendition of what I see.


Please feel free to have a browse through my portfolios on this site to see a small sample of what I have captured, or have a read through my blog to see what I've been up to lately.


And if you aren’t already doing so, go on, do it, start living the dream!


Simon Maddock