The Little-Big Trip: Into The Unknown

We had finally arrived in the Flinders Ranges! This had always been the first of the planned "far" destinations on the trip. The next stage was to have a little explore around the area before heading into the unknown further into the outback, of which none of us had experienced before. It was an exciting and nerve-racking feeling all in one!

A full day was devoted to driving around a few tracks through the Flinders Ranges National Park, visiting such areas as Wilpena Pound, Brachina Gorge, Bunyeroo Valley, and exploring a few of the huts inbetween. The area contains beautiful views of the rugged mountain ranges and the high cliff gorges, with many campsites littering the tracks that I have a feeling we will definitely be visiting in the future.

After a long day behind the wheel we ventured back to camp at Rawnsley Park, to charge the batteries for the next day of driving where we trek further away from civilisation.

Another early morning pack up saw us have a quick look the small town of Blinman, before heading through the Parachilna Gorge to the Praire Hotel for a bite to eat for lunch. The highlight of the midday stop was seeing a long coal train chug past, the kids had a ball waving to it, over and over again!

Before long it was on the road again for a quick fuel up in Leigh Creek before stopping at Copley for the night. It was here that we witnessed an awesome outback sunset, allowing us to fall a little more in love with the outback.

As Copley was only an overnight stop, there was not much packing up to do in the morning, we were starting to learn the less you get out, the less there is to put away. We began the day be heading back to Leigh Creek to get some supplies before things got too expensive, and a lunch stop at the local water supply Aroona Dam. After another stretch of the legs, we cruised half an hour up the road where we came to the last town accessible via ashpalt roads, that being Lyndhurst. We detoured a few minutes off the main road to visit Talc Alf's place to view his famous Talc carvings. What the guy can carve into a lump of talc is amazing, with exceptional detail put into all of the works of art!

Then it was time to air the tyres down a little, and to leave the blacktop! We heard nothing but good reports of the campgrounds at Farina so that was the next planned stop. Following the signs to the Farina Ruins saw the remnants of times gone by as we drove through the historic township site. But we really wanted to set up camp and relax so would have a look through the town later. Only a minute past the town we entered the campgrounds. Not this was definitely a little oasis amongst the outback. Plenty of shade and shelter from the trees and shrubs made for a very relaxing afternoon once the tent was set up. If out this way, this is a must for an overnight stay!

Not alot of water in the creek beds around the Flinders Ranges, but we did come across a few puddles!

One of the long coal trains we passed once back on the main road heading north.

From Copley caravan park, the love of outback sunsets began!

And while watching the sunset, we turn around 180 degrees to witness a breathtaking moon rising!

Even the dams in the area look awesome.

The detail that Talc Alf gets into the carvings is simply brilliant.

After camp was set up at Farina campgrounds, I ventured back to the ruins just before sunset for a look around. The low sun really brings out the colours here.

One of the many old wrecked vehicles in the outback.

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