The Little-Big Trip: Avoidance

Upon making the decision to slowly head towards home, we left Woomera, our stopover for a night, heading for Port Augusta before staying in the Southern Flinders Ranges. Port Augusta was used mainly as a McDonalds stop for lunch to keep the kids happy, not that they were arguing or unhappy... Alright, the Macca's stop was for me! It was nice though to by lunch rather than making sandwiches, again. While in Port Augusta, a quick check of the weather report showed a large cold front coming in from the bight with a big drop in temperature, high winds and rain.

It was with this information at hand that we decided to avoid the front as best we could, and to head north again, back into the Flinders Ranges National Park. With the abrupt decision made, we headed north, this time with a stay at Wilpena Pound in mind for a couple of nights.

It was getting late in the day by the time we pulled up at camp, well after dark actually so setting up was a little difficult, however a quick dinner and an early bed time ensured we would wake up ready for a drive to look around in the morning.

Even though we had already stayed a couple of nights at Rawnsley Park Station, we still found alot to see. We visited the Scared Canyon, then drove to Blinman with a few stops at lookouts on the way. While in Blinman, we stopped for a bite to eat at the hotel, indulging in ice cold beer and a Big Blinman Burger. It definitely lived up to its name! If up this way, we all, including the kids, recommend stopping at the Blinman Hotel. The service was second to none and the meals were bloody fantastic!

After filling up on the great lunch, we headed through Brachina Gorge, all the time in awe at looking back through time at the multiple layers of rocks that have been deposited over hundreds of millions of years. The shear cliff faces and deep colours of the rock were amazing to see. Many stops were made along the gorge to try to capture the beauty on camera, but the midday sun didn't help matters.

Once we exited the gorge onto the main road, we headed south until we turned onto the Moralana Scenic Drive. It was then back to camp for the night.

The plan for the following day was to head further north, this time to Arkaroola Village for a couple of nights.

Kanyaka Homestead ruins, on the main road from Port Augusta to the Flinders Ranges National Park.

One of the friendly locals at Wilpena Pound caravan park. Several were seen hopping around and having a feed only metres from our camp.

Enjoying the scenic views from one of the many lookouts in the Flinders Ranges.

The Big Blinman Burger! It was fantastic! Thats all I need to say...

Country pubs/hotels have a great feel about them, and the beer always seems to be ice cold!

One of the many windmills in the area. Walking to this one was a little unnerving since only a couple hundred metres back up the main road was a snake of some description on the road, nearly 2 metres in length!

The Blinman Gorge has to be driven through to admire its beauty. The colours and cliff faces are amazing!

The morning on our way out of Wilpena Pound. I think we chose the right time to move on. A cold front with low cloud was not far off.

On the way to Arkaroola, we stopped for lunch in Chambers Gorge for a little explore.

Even though it was very dry, little pools of water always collect and remain in the gorges for the wildlife to drink from.

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